Telecommunicator 9-1-1 Cheat Sheets

Power 9-1-1/PowerMap Basic Walkthrough

A six page PDF file that shows how to utilize the features of Power 9-1-1.
Page One contains information on how to answer 9-1-1 calls, transfer calls, and operate the Power 9-1-1 call recorder.
Page Two contains information on how to access the Power 9-1-1 ANI/ALI window, the system's phase II (wireless locator) retransmit button, and other main menu features.
Page Three contains PowerMap information on attribute displays, area addresses, measurements and coordinates.
Page Four contains PowerMap information on how to add annotations (labels) to particular places on your 9-1-1 Map. This is useful if a particular place needs special attention.
Page Five explains how to restart your 9-1-1 workstation.
Page Six explains how to search for a particular geographic coordinate (X,Y/Lat,Long) on PowerMap.